Outside Gracie’s Corner

Outside Gracie’s Corner

To see a raging sunset
Stand on the sidewalk
And face one. 6/25/12

June sunsets are
Red plates suspended
Above the buildings like cave paintings,
Like red trucks heading east
From the Hudson. This
Year, their light
Seared the buildings-shot fierce arrows
At us to burn our sight
Like solar eclipses.

Like sun downs,
The coffin is carried out.
The mourners follow.
The black and white nameplate is slipped from its slot.
poems by Eileen Lewis-Lurin 7/9/12 copyright

5 thoughts on “Outside Gracie’s Corner

    • i am glad. Scarlet. no one seems to be understanding this poem. Gracie’s is on a corner and when i stand outside on a june evening, i can see that i need strong sunglasses to look at the setting sun, now. it was not always the case. The slot is the place that is left when the sun sinks or when our names are slipped from a slot when we pass away. Have you ever seen a funeral director erase the name after a funeral?

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  2. this is one of my favorite poems. i love sunshine, but i burn easily. and i am afraid of the sun,now. Aren’t you?

    • “Gracie” is a poem about how powerful the sun has become. i can tell that it has changed since i moved a long time ago. its slant is almost dangerous to look at directly.