9 to 5 Advice

The lion springs, jaws first to feed her cubs.

Teeth sting your collar bones. Across the field

of cubicles, her voice, “ If you can’t

keep up, you are incompetent. Earn

your keep or else.” You hoist an “O.K.” shield.

Curious, she chases you to your open cell.

But, imagine, lay a thick line–white grout–

on the carpet between her quick paws and you.

Stand clear glass cubes along that line, soldier

to soldier. Trowel more grout. Surround each–

a tight brick base. Raise a wall she can’t see,

beyond breach, secure, from her prey-splotched gums.

Behind the glass, you can crouch, appear meek

And computer. She can only roar.

copyright Eileen Lewis-Lurin March-7-2010