my personal email

my personal email may have been hacked?

I’m working on straightening

that out, now.

Also, I am working on three poems

related to my reading of

“The Sound And The Fury”;

I also have written a long poem on the tragedy at Waco.

Eventually, i will get them on this blog that you, all of you,

have made me love to write on.

Thank you, Eileen

2 thoughts on “my personal email

  1. I have gone through anger and fear and now I am angry again!
    It is not funny anymore.
    I have an identity and it i not controlled by google or anyone.
    i am sick of this game. i have a sense of humor too and we need to be pleasant to each other. enough is enough. I am the real Eileen Lewis-Lurin. and I stand up for her. I stand up only out of politeness for anyone else.

    • i will log out when i have entered a poem that i have just written that no one else can write because it is to to former classmates. Eileen