my personal email

my personal email may have been hacked?

I’m working on straightening

that out, now.

Also, I am working on three poems

related to my reading of

“The Sound And The Fury”;

I also have written a long poem on the tragedy at Waco.

Eventually, i will get them on this blog that you, all of you,

have made me love to write on.

Thank you, Eileen

The Vase, Gaze

The Vase, Gaze

I love when scarlet tulips

reach straight out to me

from a squat, white, ceramic vase.

It takes three pieces of

ice when

I open my eyes, and cold water in their vase

before i go to bed.

Set them off to one side, on

a blue,round table that sits in the center of the

room, opaque, yet shimmering,

open to my gaze.

Breathing is expensive, emotional-

and then requires follow-up, even for scarlet tulips that do not kiss.

Eileen Lewis-Lurin, Last week, April 9th, 2013, Copyright









The thunder is shaking,

splintering, eviscerating our

branded new shingles.

We all have kin in Boston.

We’re all too thunderstruck

to call.

When we hear a sparrow

chirp from a

cherry tree as

its green/red leaves unfold,

what signal do

we unlock?

What do we know, now?

Eileen Lewis-Lurin, Copyright Yesterday-4-15-13



John Finely Walks to Carl’s Park

John Finely walks to Carl’s Park

on a chilly Easter noon.

Cherry blossom buds

reflect in the Mercedes hood

parked at the corner of the park.

The bird doesn’t look up

as it digs into the buried lock,

not even as we walk by.

We walk the stairs, “Let’s go home.”

Ten tulips stick their green-tipped noses out.

copyright Easter morning and again a revision on

Eileen Lewis-Lurin 4/11/13